Elizabeth Soul Grass

CD Release February 2014!

black and white

In Kentucky, there stands a small house with a rickety back porch that was home to countless Gospel concerts. The fact that there was never an audience didn’t matter. Elizabeth recalls that singing on the back porch with her sister and best friend is one of the happiest memories of her childhood. Elizabeth freely admits that while she cut her teeth listening to Dolly Parton, Aretha Franklin, and Whitney Houston, it was Southern Gospel artists who actually made her feel that the lyrics they were singing were more than just beautiful poems with melodies. “I’m still a total geek and huge fan of the ladies I grew up trying to emulate. Kelly Nelon, Janet Pascal, Kim Greene Hopper, and Karen Peck were not only impressive vocalists , but I thought they were class acts all the way around. I always wanted to be just like them!”

From a melting pot of Bluegrass, Country, Pop, Southern Gospel, Black Gospel, and Motown, Elizabeth started combining sounds to develop her own distinctive style. “I came from the school of thought that people will listen to anything, as long as its good music. My mom’s car had eight tracks of The Spencers, The Cathedrals, The Singing Paynes, and The Beach Boys. I love all types of music, but nothing stirs me more than a well sung Gospel song.”

Elizabeth is blessed to have sung and written gospel music for thirty years. “I wouldn’t have dreamed that I would ever have the chance to do a solo album. I certainly wouldn’t have dreamed that some of my musical influences and best friends would end up singing on that album with me! Just goes to show you that God is dreaming right there beside you the whole time. Dream big friends. Dream big.”